240 hours.

No, that was not a typo. Yes, there’s a full weekend ahead for the Quinet family.

If we’ve been connected on Instagram, you know how busy I am.

Plus my weekends are busier than a whole week put together because I spend 5 days worth of my time with my family.

It’s something I’d trade nothing for.

And I know most of you do, too.

Whenever I ask people why do you want to scale your business?

I get answers from “to sell” to “be an entrepreneur of influence” to “leave a mark.”

And almost after a split second, “to make my family happy” follows.

Unfortunately, this is a myth.

As we grow our business, our list of to-dos also grows.

The time and energy meant for family are compromised.

As I reflect on this, I figure out the mindset that saved me from this “common reality.”

Taking whatever time I have right now and condensing as much activity I can into that moment.

I’m not looking at managing an hour; I am looking at eating minutes and seconds.

I want to control my 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week, and 48 hours on a weekend…

And make it 240.

I always ask myself: Do I want to manage 30 minutes or do I want to control how much I can spend time with my growing kids in 30 minutes?

See the difference here? Instead of trying to manage it, what if you focus on controlling it?

This is what I love doing. And I want you to do the same too.

  • Telling your family that you don’t have time is the biggest excuse you will ever tell them (and yourself).
  • Schedule your day, list to-dos and by any means, get them done.
  • Schedule as many family moments as you can this weekend.

A lot of people have a misconception that a schedule will control their lives, when it should be a tool for them to use to improve it.

I’m grateful to be living under a roof where my husband and I can make this clockwork work. And I’m excited to see you apply the same.

Remember: If your time makes you feel miserable, you’re not using it right.

Let’s be the masters of our times.

Raquel Quinet. All Rights Reserved.